Hey there!

We have moved everybody from the Chrome extension to our Managers' App.

The Managers' App is a way you can manage multiple Linkedin accounts.

Why accounts in Plural? Because you can manage as many accounts as you want.

When you used the chrome extension before,

We just let you manage the account you were currently logged into in Linkedin.

Linvo moved you to the dashboard without putting any password.

So what should you do now?

You need to register a new account with your private/business email.

This account will be used as the "main" account to manage your Linkedin accounts.

It means there should be no connection between this account and your Linkedin account.

Worry not! If you had the lifetime-deal subscription before, it would be added to your account as soon as you add your Linkedin account later!

Please remove your Chrome extension and follow this guide on setting up your managers' App.

Set up your Managers' App.

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