Here is the main account screen.

1). You can filter which account to see by clicking on the company at the top of the page.

2). You can turn off / turn on the account activity. When the account is turned off, it will not try to log into Linkedin.

3). Your account profile picture.

4). This is your account name on Linkedin.

5). The following action your account is going to take. You can click on the "run icon" to run the action immediately, even though it's not recommended.

6). This is the proxy IP we will use to log into your Linkedin. You can press on the reload icon to change the proxy.

7). This shows the status of the account. Active is good. Inactive means that your Linkedin is disconnected. When that happens, we will try to log you in again.

8). The eye icon will allow you to view your LinkedIn with screencasting, using the proxy.

9). Settings icon - the settings icon will allow you to change the number of actions your account can do every day.

10). The key icon will allow you to change the account credential - This is important if you have adjusted your Linkedin account password.

11). The clock icon allows you to change the account timezone and working hours.

12). The trash icon allows you to delete the account from Linvo and add another one.

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