To automate your accounts, you must create a new workflow.

Workflows are a way to tell your accounts what to do, for example, a connection request, a follow-up message, and so on.

They are working in ascending order from top to bottom.

This is basically where the magic happens.

Head over to the workflow section and click on "Add a new workflow."

At the top of the page, let's add our workflow title.

If we want, we can change the company this workflow belongs to.

Let's create a basic workflow, Extract connections from Linkedin, Connect with them, And add a follow-up message after a while.

We can already see the first step on the screen, "Grab Profile."

This step will tell our first account what profiles to automate.

Let's choose the account we want to scrape the first connections.

Let's go to Linkedin, add our filters of the people we want to connect with, and paste it in the URL field.

Linvo supports both Linkedin, Linkedin premium, and sales navigator accounts.

Now let's add another step. Again, we can choose from many types of steps. In our case, a connection request will suffice, hold it, and drag it to the workflow.

Let's add our connection message.

You can customize your message with different tags.
Choose the accounts we want to connect. We can add more than just one.

The tags will be changed later to our connection name when we perform the connection request.

Now let's repeat the step with another account. This time, let's add some filters.

Now we can add our follow-up message we can put the delay we want.

Please pay attention that the delay is since our connection accepted our request.


And we are done.

Simple as that.

You can do a lot, more. That's just a very quick and simple workflow.

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