We understand that you might not be alone in your team.

You have your coworkers and employee, and you want them to log into linvo and manage your accounts, or your workflows or your inboxes, and so on.

That's excellent news, and you can do it with Linvo. It's pretty simple.

Head over to the admin section


Now go to "Roles" and click on "Add a Role":

A popup with open, add the name of the role and what you want your coworker/employee to be able to do.

Once you are finished, click Add.

Now head over to the "System users" section and click on "Add a system user."

Enter the information and in the role section, add the role you have just created.

Click add.

Your coworker/employee will get an email about setting their password. Once done, they will be able to manage your account.

If they can't see your account, make sure they switch to it from the menu above:

The next time you add a system user, you can choose the same role or create a new one. It's up to use.

Roles can be reused forever.

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