Moving can always be challenging! But let's try and simplify the process.

First, we have to go to the old system and log in with this Link:

You should be seeing this screen:

Please login with your username and password.

If you don't see this screen, that's even better; it means you are already logged in to Linvo's old system.

** If you have never used the old linvo system, that's also ok; just register.

To watch a video tutorial click on the icon below:

Once login is completed, head over to the coupons page at this Link

On this page, we will take all your lifetime deals (in case you have more than 1) and convert them into one coupon code.

** It's important to create only one coupon code. If you make many, you will not redeem them all on the new Linvo system.

If you have redeemed your keys before in the old Linvo, you would see them inside the "Here are some of the keys found in our system," you can copy them into The input and click add.

Please repeat the process for all of your coupons.

** If you can't see your lifetime code on the list, that's also ok. Just add it to the "Enter lifetime deal code" input and click add.

Once added, you can find all of your lifetime deal coupons added and a checkbox next to them.

Check all of their checkboxes and click on "Create a Coupon."

Once done, you would be able to see the new coupon in our system, copy it.

Perfect! Now you have to register for Linvo's new system.

It doesn't matter if you are registered to Linvo's old system. You have to register again for the new one.

Please follow this link to register

The new registration page should look like this:

Please register, activate your email, and log in.

Once finished, you should be in Linvo's new dashboard.

Go ahead and click on billing:

In the billing area, change the subscription to monthly and change the number of accounts to the number of lifetime deals that you have:

Once you have done that, click on purchase.

Inside the purchase area, you should find a button "Add promotion code," click on it and paste your coupon name.

The price should drop down to 0. If it hasn't, you haven't done it right. Please check all your steps. Never click Subscribe if you haven't dropped the price down to 0.

That's super important.

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