It can be a little annoying when you can't get to the maximum actions every day.

Linvo performs actions every 15 minutes (to keep you safe with Linkedin - it's not changeable.).

Your campaign can be affected by the following factors:

  • You have added too many steps to your workflow - remember, one step in 15 min.

  • You have not put enough hours in your working hours.

  • You have one account that's is being used as a scraper in many campaigns.
    They have to take care of the other accounts, and they don't perform their actions.

  • Your scraper account is not on working hours, and the other accounts are waiting for more connections.

  • You have created a connect campaign on 2nd and 3rd-degree connections (that's very common, and you will usually see many failures).

  • You have created a new campaign with almost the same filters. You are trying to connect with people you have already connected with.

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